Dozens of Brothels in Islamabad Pakistan


A report has been submitted in Islamabad High Court by a senior official who belongs to Islamabad Police. In the report it is identified by the police officer that at least 58 locations in Islamabad are being used for the immoral trade or in other words, illegal business of prostitution centres is being run in these locations.

These brothels are mostly present in sector G and sector F of Islamabad. These areas are populated with middle class and upper middle class people. Tariq Mehmood Jahangri who has formerly served as Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Prosecutor General, said that women involved in prostitution in Islamabad joined this business due to poverty. Their husbands either left them or were on drugs and in order to earn their daily living, they had to find some source of earning and as a result they had to join this immoral business. Some of the women who joined prostitution were sexually exploited by senior officials of their offices and employers as they were not getting paid and they had to sexually satisfy their employers first in order to get paid.

If the situation is judged from various views, it is revealed that Islamabad has more than 300 brothels and this business is on the rise as new brothels are introduced every day. Poverty is on the rise and people who are desperately in need of the money are growing day by day. This is a favourable situation for prostitution to grow.

Sources claim that police is well aware of these brothels and some of the brothels are favourite place for certain influential officials.

Below is a full list of number of brothels in different sectors of Islamabad and the police station under which these areas fall.

Defence Housing Authority – Sex Destination Karachi

dha karachi prostitution

It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession. Since a few years, Khayaban-e-Shujaat in DHA, Phase 5, Karachi has gained a reputation of being the hub of prostitution. The section of the Khayaban specific to this booming business extends between A-street and Khayaban-e-Tanzeem. Another operating area is at the intersection for the main Zamzama Boulevard.

The female sex workers, their brokers, a multitude of auto rickshaws and an ever increasing clientele are a daily affair on this road. From dawn to dusk, the business is in full swing. The clients are mostly domestic help, chauffeurs, cooks, guards, gardeners and especially relatives of VVIP security personnel who visit Karachi from rural areas. Most of them are employed by the residents of DHA.

Vehicles can often be seen parked in deserted nooks and corners along roads going to and fro from this area, serving as a quick replacement for room and bed. Unoccupied bungalows in the street also provide shelter for these activities.

While prostitution is common in many commercial areas of DHA, this is a unique ‘open air’ market, where customers can window-shop, stop, stare and haggle over rates before riding on with their escorts.

As mentioned earlier, prostitution is the oldest profession; no matter how hard we try to curb it, it will pop up someway or the other. Thus, ideally speaking, female sexual workers should be offered health checkups, HIV testing and serology and regularly encouraged to undergo pap smears for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV Serotypes 16 & 18), related to cervical cancer.

Moreover, awareness campaigns for female sexual workers on transmission of STIs should be carried out by organisations. Provisions of condoms and other contraceptive methods should be discussed with them so that they protect themselves as well as their partners.

The health department’s intervention is required to register female sexual workers who are HIV positive and offer them treatment through proper channels. The residents of DHA should also play a part by keeping a check on the activity of their domestic help and chauffeurs, who may be carrying STIs, at risk of infecting their spouses once they visit their hometowns. Also, food handlers, baby sitters and maids should be given adequate information on hygiene and the risks of STIs.

Although prostitution has its accompanying stigma, if it is ignored further it can have devastating consequences on our health and social well-being.

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heera mandi

Lahore (Punjabi: لہور ; Urdu: لاہور‎ ) is the capital city of the province of Punjab, the second largest metropolitan area in Pakistan and 16th most populous city in the world. It is an important historical centre in South Asia. With a rich history dating back over a millennium, Lahore is a main cultural centre of the Punjab region and Pakistan and is the largest Punjabi city in the world. One of the most densely populated cities in the world, Lahore remains an economic, political, transportation, entertainment, and educational hub of Pakistan.

Heera Mandi (Punjabi: ہیرا منڈی) meaning “Diamond Market”, also known as Shahi Mohalla (meaning: The Royal Neighbourhood) is a red-light district and a bazaar in Taxali Gate, Lahore (Punjab), Pakistan. The market was originally the center of the city’s tawaif culture in the Mughal era. However, under the British colonial period it became a hub of prostitution. Within the market, women and hijras (transsexuals) offer traditional and classical dances. From the British colonial period till today, it remained a centre of prostitution in Lahore under the veil of dances, such as mujra, a branch of classical South-Asian sensual dancing. Many Hijras frequent the area and are involved in this dance culture.

During the day the place is much like other Pakistani bazaars and is known for its good food, wide range of Khussa (traditional Mughal footwear) and shops for musical instruments. The place is also considered as a sign for the city of Lahore and sometimes the words ‘heera mandi’ themselves are considered to be offensive in formal talks.

Heera means diamond in Urdu and was supposedly used by locals to describe the beauty of the girls in the market. The people called the courtesans “heeras” or diamonds. The name eventually stuck and the market was traditionally called Heera Mandi.

However, this is misconception: The name Heera Mandi has nothing to do with the girls in the market. The bazaar was named by Maharaja Ranjit Singh as a tribute to one of his ministers, Heera Singh.

The brothel houses were first developed by the British in old Anarkali Bazaar for the recreation of the British soldiers during the British Raj. After that these were shifted to Lohari Gate and then to Taxali gate. They seemed to have spent more time at Taxali Gate than other places. They settled in Heera Mandi, and traces can still be found.

In recent times the area has become known for prostitution and crime.

During the daytime, Heera Mandi just another street in Lahore, with shops selling cheap shoes, hats, jewellery and other trinkets. But when the sun and the shutters go down, very different wares go on sale.

At night, as the grand and beautiful Badshahi Mosque looms in the backdrop, men bustle up and down the dusty street, peering through doorways which are shielded only by flimsy, dirty curtains. Amid the rowdy banter, the faint sound of bangles and ghungro can be heard tinkling to the beat of the tabla and the strum of the sitar. In other corners, you can hear feet thudding to lurid Lollywood beats. Inside the cloying scent of the agarbattis mixes with the stench of stale sweat.

As the sun sets, the women start getting ready for the long night that awaits them. Peeling off their shalwar kameezes, they squeeze themselves into tight-fitting clothes. Breasts bulging and stomachs protruding, they pile on layers of make up: powder and foundation to conceal their dark skin, rouge to heighten colour and eye shadow to adorn their eyes. Those trafficked from the Northern areas ofPakistanbear a fairer complexion, which automatically increases their worth in the market, explains Nadeem*, one of the local pimps in the district.

Nadeem claims that these girls come to him either of their own accord or are sold to him by their families.

“My family has been in this business for years,” he claims. “My father was a pimp, as was his father and all his other brothers.” He is in his mid-forties, with dark, beady eyes and flared nostrils that give his face a hawk-like appearance. He has a receding hairline and he scratches his over-grown belly every few minutes as he responds to queries, drawing attention to the big, jewelled rings on his sausage-like fingers. He laughs often, a deep guttural sound which gets amplified with every second as his paunch shakes to its rhythm.

According to Nadeem, his wife is in charge of taking care of his ‘employees’ and maintaining order within them. He happily narrates what he perceives as the good fortune of his wife at not having had any girls, and expresses no grief at the memory of the one that died as an infant. He proudly names all his three sons — Yaqoob, Abeer and Muzaffar — who help him in looking after his business.

“Regrets?” he asks, “Why should I feel regret or have any compunctions regarding my profession? It’s a bustling business and I am just catering to people’s needs. Isn’t it better that they come here instead of going out and raping unwilling women?”

I press him about the willingness of women who must surely have to endure horrid atrocities at some point or the other, and he answers with another question, “Would you rather they have their arms cut off or acid thrown in their faces and made to beg on the streets?”

He is not allowed to reveal the list of his clientele but smiles slyly and states that people from all social strata visit his girls and claims many of his clients are people who are well-known and educated.

“My girls are of the highest calibre. But I do have different rates for girls, depending on their age and physical appearance. In any case, they all know how to perform their jobs extremely well,” he says, while cleaning the dirt under his nail with his teeth. “The virgins, obviously, bring in the highest income, although they are not put on the market immediately. It’s a business and one needs to handle it in a shrewd manner to ensure optimum profit.

There is a special night when all the virgins make their debut as dancers. They then continue to dance every night for a couple of weeks. People regularly come to watch these tempting, untouched treats, and pick their favourite. In the end, whoever bids the highest, gets the girl he wants.”

He introduces his most recent employee: Nazuk. Her name means ‘delicate’ in Urdu but it hardly does justice to her withering, cadaverous frame. She is not simply delicate, but weak, desolate and completely lost. Her hollow cheekbones make her eyes look larger than they are and her dark circles give her a haggard look. Her nose has a distinct dent right at the bridge, but the eye is drawn to the large hoop she wears in her nostril with a gold chain extending to her ear. Her lips are thin and tightly clenched — perhaps formed that way from years of repressed anger and pain. Her long, frizzy hair reaches the end of her spine. She wears a long, flowing skirt with a bra-like top that glitters unceremoniously in the red and blue lights.  Multitudes of bangles bedeck her arms going up to her elbow, and when she walks, the trinkets around her ankles jingle noisily.

When she speaks, her voice is timid and her dialect distinctly different from the locals of the area. Her pimp leaves to give us privacy and to allow her to speak freely, but hovers within earshot. Nazuk appears to be in her twenties, but cannot recall her exact age and explains that she is from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. She is a mother of six, she tells me, and her eldest daughter is eleven years old.

I studied in school till the eighth grade, but when I got married my husband did not allow me to study further,” she explains.

Four times her age, an alcoholic and drug addict, her husband got Nazuk when her father pawned her over to him in exchange for clearing his debt.

“He beat me daily and made life a nightmare for me. He wanted me to work and earn money to feed the children,” she continues in a monotone. “It was hard for me to work because I kept getting pregnant. When I was seven months pregnant with my last child, he decided to leave me. I begged him to stay and did everything he asked but that was not enough.”

Having given birth to her last child two months ago, she recently turned to prostitution. “It is hard for me to find a job because I have no qualifications and the ones that I could’ve gotten offered such meagre pay that I would not have been able to feed six hungry mouths.”

heera mandi

Nazuk’s uncle suggested this profession to her and allows her six children to live at his place as long as Nazuk keeps giving him part of her income. In just two months, Nazuk has been forced to indulge in various sexually deviant acts and subjected to sadistic beatings, being gagged, humiliated and gang raped by four men at a time. There are wounds and burn marks all over her body.

“It is not a job I want to do. But I have gotten numb to it all. My uncle has an agreement with my pimp and if I break it, there will be dire consequences. I do feel like ripping the skin off my body after every job, but I live in peace knowing that my daughters will not have to go through any of this since this will help me earn enough money to make sure they never have to endure what I have to endure.”

Nadeem’s employees are not just women. “I cater to everyone’s needs and guarantee satisfaction in every way possible,” he explains with a smile. “Once you see what my boys and girls have to offer, you will keep coming back.”

Not pleased with Nazuk’s narration of her life story, he presents Riaz*, eager to prove that the ‘majority’ of his employees are very happy with their lives.

“I started in this profession when I was 11,” says the clean-shaven boy, punctuating his sentence with a wink. He’s wearing a black shirt with red embroidery and a pair of jeans so tight they seem to be sewed on. He speaks in a low, mellifluous voice and keeps running his hand through his light-coloured hair, which flops to the corner of his eyes. Riaz is one of the many teenage boys who provide services to homosexual clients. He starts his business in the afternoon and the dealing reaches its peak in the evening.

Riaz was a victim of sexual abuse at an early age. When he was in the third grade, a neighbour lured him to his house by offering to give him his pet bird and then sexually abused him. As the youngster narrates his tale, he puffs on his hashish cigarette ‘to lessen his tension’. “I did not know what he was going to do,” he says in a childish voice, wrinkling his forehead.

Though he was not given the bird, he got Rs10 for sweets. The man, a taxi driver by profession, then started sexually abusing him on a regular basis. When Riaz tried to stop him, the man threatened him. “He told me that if I disobeyed him he would tell my father about what had happened, who in turn would have killed me,” recalls the boy with a laugh. He lets out a stream of pungent smoke from his mouth, and goes on with his story. The taxi-driver, a married man, made him popular in his crowd. “Every time they (the driver and his friends) used me, I got Rs20 to Rs40 as a reward,” the fair-skinned boy reveals. “Gradually I started enjoying it.”

At the age of 13, he had in effect been turned into a male prostitute, and would hire himself out for the whole night. Riaz had a good idea of the price he could fetch and, before he knew it, he would not pass a single day without selling sex. At the age of 17, his parents, disgusted with his behaviour, threw him out of their house and he sought refuge with Nadeem and his clan. He was happy with the knowledge that he was not only getting sexual satisfaction but also money. “It seems liked the ideal job!” he says with a giddy laugh.

Going back home was never an option and he does not want to do so, even if he is given the choice. “I am satisfied with my present profession,” he declares. His customers can be as young as 23 or as old as 65, and half of them are married. “Before going off with a customer, we smoke hash or opium which heightens the pleasure,” he claims with a smile.

As the night grows darker, the streets appear to become more crowded, and Nadeem, Nazuk and Riaz take their leave. For them, the day has just begun.

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