Dozens of Brothels in Islamabad Pakistan


A report has been submitted in Islamabad High Court by a senior official who belongs to Islamabad Police. In the report it is identified by the police officer that at least 58 locations in Islamabad are being used for the immoral trade or in other words, illegal business of prostitution centres is being run in these locations.

These brothels are mostly present in sector G and sector F of Islamabad. These areas are populated with middle class and upper middle class people. Tariq Mehmood Jahangri who has formerly served as Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Prosecutor General, said that women involved in prostitution in Islamabad joined this business due to poverty. Their husbands either left them or were on drugs and in order to earn their daily living, they had to find some source of earning and as a result they had to join this immoral business. Some of the women who joined prostitution were sexually exploited by senior officials of their offices and employers as they were not getting paid and they had to sexually satisfy their employers first in order to get paid.

If the situation is judged from various views, it is revealed that Islamabad has more than 300 brothels and this business is on the rise as new brothels are introduced every day. Poverty is on the rise and people who are desperately in need of the money are growing day by day. This is a favourable situation for prostitution to grow.

Sources claim that police is well aware of these brothels and some of the brothels are favourite place for certain influential officials.

Below is a full list of number of brothels in different sectors of Islamabad and the police station under which these areas fall.

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